Craig A. Collins

Plant Production Operations Manager

Highly experienced with design and setting up shrimp operations. Mr. Collins has over 30 years of growing shrimp and managing shrimp facilities. He is the first to attain high shrimp survival rates in exceptionally high stocking densities using shrimp intensive grow-out systems (SIGS). First to attain a record of 44,000 lbs. per acre of shrimp production in a SIGS system. Management experience having operated and managed a 25-acre inland shrimp farm in Arizona. Marketing and sales experience for vertically integrated shrimp operation consisting of 5,000 acres of shrimp ponds capable of producing 11,000,000 pounds of shrimp annually. Successfully changed the direction of the company marketing strategies, enabling the company to become profitable by cutting Processing Plant labor and directing product to a high-end market. Has more than two years work experience working under the guidance of Dr. Addison Lawrence. Well-schooled in aquaculture.