Royal Caridea is a high-tech shrimp farming company focused on bringing to commercialization its transformative GEN 2 Shrimp Farming Technology (GEN-2)

Year-over-year, shrimp consumption is growing by about 20% fueled by a growing population of consumers, seeking high quality protein.  Consumers “accept” frozen shrimp but are constantly in search of a locally grown fresh product because of illegal, unreported, and unregulated seafood entering the U.S. commerce that may or may not be contaminated with microbial pathogens.

Wild fisheries nor current farming practices can meet demand for Fresh, Never-Frozen or Live shrimp.  A new approach to the shrinp farming industry is necessary and urgent!

In the 1990s various research laboratories studied best practices for successful shrimp farming in the US. Their research concluded shrimp production methods needed to undergo a total transformation.

Shrimp Production Industry Requirements for Success

  • Year around production indoors
  • Production level above 200 MT/ha/yr
  • Production of >20 gm shrimp
  • Mortality of <20 percent
  • Growth rate >1.5 gm/week
  • Biosecure, sustainable and predictable

What this meant was the industry had to undergo a total transformation.

Royal Caridea’s technology is designed to be that transformative change. Royal Caridea has labeled this technology GEN 2 Shrimp Farming Technology (GEN 2).  GEN 2 incorporates all the requirements laid out for success and more.  Royal Caridea created  a modularized shrimp production system that integrates all the suggested requirements.  It is State-of-the-Art in-door Vertical Shrimp Farming Technology – e.g. isolated production from the ambient environment of the building in which the production system is housed (our production system is in shipping containers).  This design reduces water usage, energy usage,  and reduces land use by orders of magnitude, and by building the system in shipping containers, it allows for prefabrication and rapid onsite installation of all components of the production system – the system is easy to duplicate, ship and install at almost any city of choice. In addition, it is engineered to significantly increase annual shrimp production in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly setting and enables shrimp production to be situated near high demand markets– you name the city, we can be there!

Royal Caridea Shrimp – Locally Based, Locally Grown, Nationwide Reach

Royal Caridea’s patent-pending production method is, innovative, sustainable and, most importantly, supports raising shrimp close to the consumer that is free of antibiotics, toxic chemicals and is harvested under sanitary conditions. Local farming enables the delivery of shrimp products that come from a safe and sustainable source daily basis.

Royal Caridea’s innovation begins with a totally redesigned growing environment. Employing a proprietary enclosed vertically stacked raceway-based system is the key to this innovation.  Shrimp “colonies” are raised in independent, environmentally controlled raceways or troughs, thus reducing water, land, and feed while eliminating disease and other outside contaminants.

Traditional shrimp farming methods using hectares of land and valuable water resources in ponds and tanks are replaced by raceways configured in vertically stacked shipping containers. Sensors built into each raceway feedback to computers that regulate water conditions, temperature, feed availability, and even sense shrimp movement. This breakthrough development is the second generation of raceway technology with patents-pending in over 15 countries.

The raceway is the heart of the system, a trough, the length and width of a standard shipping container. Three troughs are housed in each container. Water processed by a recycling aquaculture system (RAS) removes ammonia, shrimp waste, and adjusts the pH continuously as it circulates through each raceway. The combination of a closed environment, conditioned water, and a managed feeding program creates an optimal growing environment. After four months, healthy, natural, organic, antibiotic-free, 16-26-gram premium shrimp are ready for market.

Royal Caridea’s GEN 2 effectively converts shrimp farming from a batch-oriented process with periodic harvests to a continuous environmentally friendly process permitting daily harvests year-round. When the customer demands shrimp– Royal Caridea delivers.

Yes, taste tests have shown raceway-grown shrimp to be superior in taste, texture, and size to traditionally-farmed shrimp and operations tests have confirmed production yields will be higher and more predictable as compared with historic farming methods.

GEN 2 will change how shrimp is grown world-wide and Royal Caridea is the company to make it happen!